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GreenFields Artificial Turf

GreenFields®, the leading global synthetic sport surface company has longstanding experience in the development, manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance of artificial turf systems. Our ability to provide high quality product innovation and turnkey solutions is unrivalled within the sports turf industry.

The GreenFields® team works to provide cost-effective, premium quality product solutions whilst also focusing on researching and developing of new surfaces for the international sports industry. Through our leading R&D department we develop products that match the requirements of the sport’s governing bodies around the world. Safety standards continue to be at the forefront of our product development, but we remain focused on providing long term performance and playability.

Artificial Turf Worldwide

The GreenFields® head office and artificial turf manufacturing facility of 24 000 m2 is located in Genemuiden, The Netherlands. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to reduce CO2 emission and reflects our environmental awareness in the production of artificial turf. With additional production facilities in South Africa, Korea, Algeria and United Arab Emirates and strong alliances with manufacturers in Australia, Russia and North America we are geared to meet the needs of the global synthetic sports turf market.

Installations which meet FIFA’s Highest Standards

The FIFA standards for sports turf systems are designed to ensure that a consistent world class standard of surface is available internationally. These surfaces must require a minimum amount of maintenance, yet be available for the development of players’ skills all year round. Through research, testing, the development of innovative products as well as training and strategic partner relationships, GreenFields® provides you with surfaces able to meet these stringent standards at the project inception and in the long term.

FIFA 1 STAR: The FIFA Recommended 1 Star is mainly for recreational, community and municipal use; however, it still has to go through a series of stringent tests before the highly respected FIFA certificate is issued.

FIFA 2 STAR: The FIFA Recommended 2 Star for synthetic turf is designed specifically to mirror the playing characteristics of professional football. FIFA final round competitions and top UEFA competitions have the FIFA Recommended 2 Star in their respective competition regulations.

Experience the Greenfields Advantage

Our complete in-house laboratory and testing facility enables us to research and develop innovative products that meet the most stringent specifications of the world’s sporting governing bodies – a unique capability within the sports turf industry. GreenFields® also cooperates with accredited laboratories that carry out testing and research for international sporting bodies.

Natural Innovation

Blades of natural grass have been the inspiration for the development of GreenFields® synthetic grass system. The patented V-shape of the yarn provides firmness, resilience and the looks of natural grass and results in excellent ball-roll behaviour. Besides this grass-like performance, the turf also improves the quality of play by enabling slide and tackle without having to fear for abrasion. This is great for the player and perfect for the sport.


Our CI & M department (Construction Installation and Maintenance) is involved in all activities related to the construction of the sub-base – this includes design, construction, inspection, consultation and development.

Our experienced civil engineers and technical staff perform a pre-inspection on site before commencing the project, to improve control of the construction and installation process for guaranteed quality. Every GreenFields® installation is planned by our technical design team working with the latest CAD/CAM technology to ensure precision installation of drainage systems, sub-base and turf systems. Civil engineers work closely with the local installation team to ensure that every GreenFields® surface meets FIFA standards, if required.



Synthetic sports products do deteriorate over time but, with a carefully constructed maintenance regime, our product life can be extended to gain maximum value for your investment. Therefore our CI & M department, in cooperation with our worldwide strategic partners, will develop an extensive maintenance and testing programme for your installation that can be carried out internally under contract or by your own maintenance staff with comprehensive training provided by GreenFields®’ local representatives.


  • Ultra-low abrasion fibres, high-tech infill systems and shock pads reduce strain on joints and muscles and produce no additional risk of injury – sliding tackles and enthusiastic sliding goal celebrations are possible on a GreenFields® pitch
  • Play is less season and weather dependent – fewer postponed or cancelled fixtures
  • Playing conditions are consistently the same, resulting in fair competition in any weather conditions.
Greenfields Artificial Turf


  • Superior play characteristics – optimised use of training facilities and reduced cancelled fixtures
  • Natural look is aesthetically pleasing – we can even create mow patterns for your field
  • Superior drainage system, securely anchored V-shaped fibres, high quality infill and shock pad system will keep your training and fixtures on schedule, come rain or drought
  • Minimal maintenance required – no more watering, sowing, mowing, fertilizing or chalking the lines
  • Enhanced capacity – A GreenFields® pitch has the capacity of at least 3 natural pitches as it can be used for different sports at different levels from juniors to the first team, as well as for training and competitions.

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